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The Training & Personnel Development Section will maintain and enhance criminal justice professionals and governmental entities by providing relative and qualitative training. The Miami Police College will be an internationally recognized training center that provides high-level customer service and innovative professional training programs.


The Miami Police Training Center is committed to:

Quality training in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner by promoting community and staff involvement through continuous assessment and problem-solving partnerships;

Facilitating innovative and state-of-the-art instruction through traditional academic instruction, scenario based training, and on-line training environment;

Providing the law enforcement community with training in the latest high liability, managerial, operational, and investigative techniques;

Having a mechanism to identify and maintain a training and development curriculum responsive to current, future, and anticipated needs in the law enforcement profession;

Enhancing the International law enforcement community through effective criminal justice programs.


Miami Police Training Center has been approved by the State Approving Agency for the enrollment of those eligible to receive GI Bill education benefits. Please go to the VA website below to learn more.

Police Academy Class graduated March 21, 2017
Police Service Aide graduated March 21, 2017
Police Academy Class graduated January 13, 2017
Police Academy Class graduated December 23, 2016

Police Academy Class graduated November 4, 2016

Police Academy Class graduated August 26, 2016

Police Academy Class graduated June 29, 2016