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Criminal InvestigationsSpecial Investigations
NarcoticsNarcotics Unit identifies, locates and dismantles mid and upper-level narcotics organizations that operate within the City of Miami.
  • Operation Untouchables resulted in the seizure of over 1 kilogram of cocaine and numerous assault rifles and handguns. The targets were federally convicted of conspiracy and armed cocaine trafficking.
  • Operation Three Stooges resulted in the seizure of over 1,500 Ecstasy pills and two kilograms of cocaine, 4 arrests for cocaine and Ecstasy trafficking.
  • Operation 2 Catch a Tiger resulted in 12 arrests along with the seizure of 150,000 Ecstasy pills and $32,000 in US currency.
  • Operation Odd Ball Boys resulted in 37 arrests and the seizure of thousands in US currency and personal property, including firearms and narcotics.
  • Operation Haitian Key yielded 16 federal indictments, the seizure of 3.5 kilos of cocaine, 1.8 kilos of crack cocaine and over $158,000 in US currency.