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The Miami Police Training Center offers a full-time Police Academy Class recruit training program. The recruit class operates Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for approximately six months. Each class has an assigned Training Advisor on staff to provide training and guidance to recruits during their program.

Interested applicants can contact the Police Academy Office at 305-603-6616 from the hours of 6a.m. to 2:30p.m., Monday - Friday.

Police Academy Class (PAC) training is a six-month program. The training consists of the State of Florida mandated courses (770 hours) that include Law, Crime Scene Investigation, Patrol Procedures, Criminal Investigations, DUI/Traffic Stops, Traffic Crash Investigations, Physical Fitness, Firearms, Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations, Patrol Procedures, Report Writing, First Aid, Communications, Defensive Tactics, Dart-Firing Stun Gun, and Human Issues

The basic recruit program for law enforcement officers is limited to those who pass a basic skills examination and assessment instrument, which is based on a job task analysis in accordance with Florida Statute 943.17(g). The same job analysis process is used to develop job-related training and performance standards for basic recruit training. A police recruit must pass all state-mandated exams for each of their high liability courses to graduate. After the completion of the Police Academy Class, each recruit will be required to take the State of Florida certification examination.

This program will teach the officers to always act within the boundaries of their authorities and how to uphold the recognized standards of their professional code of ethics. The law enforcement training program gives the students instruction on fundamental criminal justice values and ethics defines sexual harassment and ways to avoid compromising interactions with other officers and the public. The students will also receive a basic understanding of the chain-of-command structure and the components of the criminal justice system.

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