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Alarms Unit
The Alarms Ordinance Unit is an element within the Administration Division’s Business Management Section. The mission of the Alarm Unit is accomplished through the application of the alarm ordinance mandates. The Alarm Unit is responsible for promoting a cooperative effort between the alarm companies, and the commercial and residential alarm users. The Unit reserves the right to inspect any malfunctioning alarm systems and will provide follow-up support for corrective action as deemed appropriate.

The initial cost of an alarm permit is $79.00.

Alarm permits must be renewed annually and the renewal fee is $26.50.  If the facility has a record of false alarms, the renewal fee is raised to $79.00.

All new permits, false alarms and renewals have an administrative charge of $3.50.

The activation of false alarms within a permit year will result in the following escalating service fee schedule:

  • The first two police responses to false alarms are at no charge.
  • Third police response - $52.50
  • Fourth police response - $105.00
  • Fifth police response - $157.50
  • Sixth police response - $210.00
  • Upon the occasion of the seventh false alarm, there will be no police response and will result in revocation of the alarm user's permit. Reinstatement of the permit and police service will be made upon receipt of a letter from a licensed alarm company stating the condition of the system. The user must be retrained and payment of a reinstatement of $157.50 as well as all outstanding service charges are required.
Miami Police Department Alarm Unit
400 NW 2nd Avenue
Office 231
Miami, Florida 33128

Phone: (305) 603-6488
Fax : (305) 603-6599
Office Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm

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