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Welcome to the Miami Police Department website. Miami is an internationally recognized tourist destination and business hub with an estimated daytime population of one million people. I am honored to be Chief of Police of this vibrant and multicultural city, and privileged to represent some of the most dedicated men and women in American law enforcement. The over 1,100 sworn members of our police force are relentlessly committed to ensuring that the citizens of Miami are not deprived of their fundamental right to feel safe in their neighborhoods. Of equal importance is the safety and wellbeing of those who choose our municipality, the largest in Miami-Dade County, for pleasure and work. Our sworn are complemented by more than 400 highly qualified civilians who perform an essential support role.

The Miami Police Department prides itself in the application of professional standards, initiatives and administrative practices and is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We are acclaimed for our innovative crime fighting initiatives and have an excellent track record in the areas of crime tracking, emergency planning, investigative strategies, forensics, and training.

At the Miami Police Department, we are passionately committed to the Community Policing philosophy. We feel that the achievement of our operational goals can only be realized by maintaining community partnerships, and as such, we value and encourage collaboration between officers and citizens to identify and effectively address concerns in our diverse neighborhoods.

Patrol officers work closely with a number of specialized units such as the Bomb Squad, Traffic Enforcement, Mounted, Bike Patrol, Canine, SWAT, and Public Service Aides. I invite you to come to Miami and greet our Mounted Patrol officers as they gallop on their horses on the cobblestone sidewalks of Little Havana. Come and see our Bike Patrol officers riding along Downtown Miami’s multifaceted business corridor. And, if you happen to marvel at the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay, wave at our Marine Patrol officers as they navigate throughout one of our most precious and beautiful resources.

Located in the very heart of busy Downtown Miami is the Miami Police College, a state-of-the-art police training academy and public high school second to none in the world. This fully certified training academy in the Miami Police Headquarters complex, will prepare the law enforcement leaders of tomorrow in an exciting career of public service, as well as maintain our officers abreast of the latest skills and techniques in administration, operations, criminal investigations and much more.

The intent of this website is not only to better acquaint you with our department, but to also furnish you with valuable safety information and a wide range of on-line services for your convenience. As you peruse through these pages, it is my hope that you gain insight into the fulfilling and challenging nature of our jobs at the Miami Police Department and feel the sense of pride and energy I do in this magnificent city.