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Assistant Chief Chiquita F. Butler
Assistant Chief of Police
Chiquita F. Butler

The Assistant Chief oversees the Field Operations Division (FOD), which is the largest segment of the Police Department. The Field Operations Division is responsible for the day to day delivery of a wide range of police services within the City of Miami, including police response to calls for service and proactive crime prevention patrolling.

FOD is responsible for uniformed patrol services encompassing the three districts in Miami (North, Central, and South Districts) and our Miami’s Neighborhood Enhancement Team. FOD also oversees specialized elements such as Marine Patrol, Mounted Patrol, Traffic Enforcement, Canine, Aviation, Towing Detail, Special Threat Response Unit, including SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical), Bike Response Team, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Detention Officer Detail, Crisis Intervention Detail, Homeless Empowerment Assistance Team (HEAT), Public Service Aides, and the Field Training Officer Program for new police officers.

FOD also manages the COMPSTAT Detail, which coordinates monthly meetings to address crime statistical data. This approach allows for an efficient rapid response to shifting crime patterns and appropriate yet robust deployment of resources. In addition, FOD oversees the Community Relations arm of the police department responsible for the coordination, development, implementation of projects, programs, and related services that help foster and nurture effective police-community partnerships. Such programs include the Miami Police Athletic League (PAL), the Do the Right Thing Program (which recognizes and reward Miami youths for their exemplary behavior and accomplishments), the Safe Place initiative (which is designed to further enhance the relationship between the Miami Police, LGBTQ community, and local business owners through collaborative efforts), Citizens on Patrol Detail, Crimes Against the Elderly (CARE) Detail and the Auxiliary/Reserve Police Officer program.