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Cyberbullying is a Crime


Children today, often spend lots of time on their cell phone, a computer, or other electronic communication device. In most cases, these hobbies have been useful and fun. However, some have used it as a tool to stalk, attack, and demoralize.

Cyber-crimes are a growing trend across America, and Cyberbullying among children is growing at an alarming rate. Some have resulted in physical altercations and even death.

Here at the City of Miami Police Department, We care… our goal is to educate and ensure your safety. Below are tips for parents and children alike that we feel will be useful in the event you or someone you know may fall victim to Cyberbullying.

Tips for parents:

Tips for children:

1. Communicate with your children (Know what activities they are involved in and with who.)
2. Restrict their cell phone/computer usage (Parental blocks)
3. Monitor behavior patterns in children
4. Play an active role at all times (Make the time to listen)
5. Report any issue or unusual behavior to school, police, etc.

1. Communicate with your parents/guardians about your daily activities.
2. Limit your friends on social websites to family and friends only. (No strangers)
3. Do not send photos (Once they are sent, they cannot be retrieved).
4. Never post your cell phone, address, or any personal information on your page.
5. Block communication with persistent strangers.
6. Close your page and report activity if you have been hacked.
7. Report harassing or illegal activity.

For additional information and tips log on to our Facebook page on Cyberbullying , also