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Assistant Chief Manuel Morales
Assistant Chief Manuel Morales

Assistant Chief Morales oversees the Field Operations Division which is the largest section of the Police Department. The Field Operations Division (FOD), which is responsible for the day to day delivery of a wide range of police services within the City of Miami is comprised of civilians, and uniformed men and women assigned to the Patrol Districts; such as the North, Central, South and Grapeland Substations, and also serves the City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) service areas. The Field Operations Division also governs the specialized units such as Marine Patrol, Mounted Patrol, Traffic Unit (Traffic Enforcement, Red Light Camera, Traffic Homicide, School Crossing Guard Detail, Accident Review Board, Hit and Run Detail, Towing Detail, Staged Crash Detail), Canine Detail, Tactical Robbery Unit, Felony Apprehension Team, Aviation Detail, and Special Threat Response Unit, including SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical).

The Field Operations Division is also responsible for the COMPSTAT Detail, which coordinates monthly meetings, Bike Detail, Detention Officer Detail, Crisis Intervention Detail, The Public Service Aide Detail, and the Field Training Officer Program.