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Mar.20,2014 Miami Police DUI Checkpoint
Feb.25,2014 Three Young Girls Shot
Feb.24,2014 Rooftop Buglary In Little Havana(Update)
Feb.19,2014 Supermarket Shooting Leaves Two Injured Update 2
Feb.19,2014 Supermarket Shooting Leaves Two Injured Update
Feb.19,2014 Supermarket Shooting Leaves Two Injured
Feb.18,2014 Miami Police DUI Checkpoint
Feb.17,2014 Buglary Thief Caught On Video
Feb.13,2014 Theives Target Several Cars Overnight
Feb.11,2014 Miami Police Department Historic Promotion
Feb.03,2014 Miami Gunned Down, Left For Dead
Jan.31,2014 Mounted Police Memorabilia Reminder
Jan.28,2014 Miami Police Department Checkpoint
Jan.28,2014 Home Invasion and Robbery
Jan.17,2014 Two Women Shot and Killed
Jan.16,2014 Crash Claims 1 Life-Leaves 2 Critical_UPDATED
Jan.10,2014 Mounted Patrol Memorabilia
Jan.09,2014 Men Shot on Street Corner
Jan.03,2014 Thieves Switch Fake Rings For Real Ones
Jan.02,2014 French Bulldog and Puppies Stolen
Dec.28,2013 Man shot dead inside an Overtown apartment
Dec.28,2013 Suspect shot during Robbery
Dec.27,2013 Police involved crash sends two to the hospital
Dec.19,2013 DTRT Dec 19 ceremony
Dec.16,2013 Roadside Hit Run (update 12-17-13)
Dec.16,2013 Santa Visits Curtis Park
Dec.16,2013 2013 Holiday Gun Buy Back
Dec.13,2013 Heroes and Helpers
Dec.08,2013 Police involved shooting 2-deceased
Dec.03,2013 Truck driver dies behind the wheel
Dec.02,2013 Biscayne Blvd Armed Robbery Results In Two Arrests
Nov.22,2013 Elderly Woman Shot In Her Home
Nov.19,2013 Press Conference Leonardo Lopez
Nov.19,2013 Gas Station Armed Robbery-Update
Nov.15,2013 Need To Identity- Sexual Battery Aggressor
Nov.14,2013 Need To Identify- Robbery
Nov.14,2013 Man Shot In Front Of Apartment Complex
Nov.13,2013 Home Invasion Robbery Victim Sexually Assaulted
Nov.12,2013 Gas Station Armed Robbery
Nov.04,2013 Fast Food Burglarer Hides In Freezer
Oct.30,2013 After Party Home Invasion(Update)
Oct.28,2013 After Party Home Invasion
Oct.25,2013 Jewlery Store Armed Robbery
Oct.24,2013 Prescription Drug Take Back Initiative
Oct.23,2013 2013 Hispanic Heritage Celebration
Oct.23,2013 Operation Love Shouldn't Hurt
Oct.23,2013 Gunned Down in a Courtyard(update)


Miami Fire Rescue Truck Crash
Oct.18,2013 Do The Right Thing To Honor School Shooting Heros
Oct.17,2013 Miami Police Pony Prize Patrol Coming To A School Near You!
Oct.10,2013 Hero Press Release
Oct.10,2013 Promotional Ceremony
Oct.09,2013 2013 Miami Police Goes Pink
Oct.08,2013 Gunned Down in a Courtyard
Oct.04,2013 The Million Dollar Bonds News Release
Oct,03,2013 Snatch and Dash at Marathon Gas Station
Oct.03,2013 Man Exposes Himself
Oct.02,2013 Swearing-In Ceremony
Sep.30,2013 Body Found At Gas Station After Being Run Over
Sep.26,2013 Victory Against Violence Pledge
Sep.26,2013 DUI Checkpoint 9-26
Sep.23,2013 Female Carjacker goes on accident rampage
Sep.23,2013 Filling the Seats at Miami Police
Sep.17,2013 Miami Police Goes Social
Sep.16,2013 Armed Robbers Target Taxi Cabs
Sep.14,2013 Burglary Duo Caught On Camera--Update
Sep.13,2013 Awards Ceremony
Sep.12,2013 Burglary Duo Caught on Camera News Release
Sep.11,2013 MPD Inaugurates September 11 Sculpture
Sep.9,2013 Police Impersonator
Sep.4,2013 Mother Arrested for Child Neglect
Sep.4,2013 Elderly Man Robbed Inside His Home
Aug.30,2013 Two Dead Found Inside Apartment
Aug.30,2013 Miami Police and FHP DUI Checkpoint Labor Day Impaired Driving Crackdown
Aug.29,2013 Miami Police and FHP DUI Checkpoint Labor Day Impaired Driving Crackdown
Aug.28,2013 Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted and Robbed
Aug.28,2013 Stolen Vehicle Results In A Fatality(update)
Aug.27,2013 Stolen Vehicle Results In A Fatality
Nov.30,2012 Holiday Safety Tips
Sep.28,2010 One Thousand Students Take a Pledge Against Violence.
Aug.10,2010 Operation Take Back Our Streets Press Conference.
Jun.14,2010 Fatal Hit & Run SW 24 Ave & 8 St
Jun.14,2010 Homicide Offender Arrested
Jun.12,2010 Motorcycle Crash Claims One Life
May 30,2010 Robbery Unfolds In Surveillance Video
Apr.6,2010 Crackdown on Car Break-Ins Leads to Fencing Operation
Apr.1,2010 Three People Shot
Mar.29,2010 Sexual Assault
Feb.18,2010 Child Pornography
Feb.17,2010 Monthly Awards Ceremony
Feb.12,2010 Narcotic Surveillance Nets Six Arrests
Feb.12,2010 Homemade Fire Bombs Thrown Into Appartment
Feb.4,2010 Argument at Lounge Leaves One Patron Shot
Feb.3,2010 Car Overturns Killing Passenger
Jan.29,2010 Officer Injured as Woman Eludes Police
Jan.14,2010 Woman Found Dead After Reports Of Assault
Jan.13,2010 One Shot Kills Woman
Jan.7,2010 Boost Mobile Robbers Arrested
Dec.21,2009 Miami PAL Bicycle Giveaway
Dec.21, 2009 Suspected Robber Caught
Dec.19,2009 Operation Grinch Busters
Dec.14,2009 Endangered Adult
Dec.14,2009 Schizophrenia Endangered Adult
Dec 10,2009 Infant Left Alone In Vehicle Dies
Nov.23, 2009 Two Men Die In Shooting
Nov.21, 2009 Woman Sexually Assaulted
Nov.18 2009 Man Shot Next To His Vehicle
Nov.16,2009 Young Teen Molested By Teacher
Nov.16,2009 Man Shot In Front Of Complex
Nov.11,2009 Ex Husband Murder and Suicide
Nov.2,2009 Missing Child
October 22,2009 Search of Armed Sexual Battery Suspect
October 16,2009 Endangered Adult
October 15,2009 Three Shot Two Dead One Clinging to Life
October 15,2009 Police College Opening
October 15,2009 Burglary With An Assault
October 14,2009 Hispanic Heritage Celebration
October 9,2009 Miami Nice Triathlon
Open Case Race For The Cure
Open Case Crime Unfolds In Surveillance Video
Open Case Police Officer Assaulted
Sept 17,2009 $11,000 Reward - Man Shot at Marina
Sept 11,2009 $1,000 Reward - 2261 NW 28 St Shooting
Sept 3,2009 Woman Survives Being Shot In Car
August 31,2009 Suspected Burgler Dies after Confrontation
August 28,2009 Memorial High School Badge Ceremony
August 28,2009 Reenactment of Human Remains Incident
August 28,2009 Woman's Purse Taken from Car
August 28,2009 Car Plows into Solid Waste Employees
August 28,2009 Female Shot and Clinging to Life
August 25,2009 Need to Identify Armed Robbers
August 25,2009 Miami Police Nab Bank Robber
August 25,2009 Robbery at House of Worship
August 21,2009 Dan S. Felder In Custody for Murder
August 21,2009 DUI Checkpoint & Saturation Patrols
August 19,2009 2009 Back to School Community Celebration
August 19,2009 Back to School 2009-2010 School Year
August 17,2009 Rodney Miller In Custody for Murder
August 14,2009 Runaway Jacquelyn Pena Information
August 13,2009 Robbery Crime Spree Comes to a Closing
August 7,2009 Alleged Armed Robber Caught
August 6,2009 PAL/Tacolcy Helping the Elderly
August 4,2009 Armed Robbery
August 1,2009 Local Rapper Robbed
July 30,2009 Mail Carrier Attacked by Dog
July 28,2009 26th Annual National Night Out
July 27,2009 Couple Found Dead Inside of Apartment
July 23,2009 Arrest in Internet Robbery Trap
July 23,2009 Grant Funding Press Conference
July 21,2009 Wheelchair Bound Man Left Rampless
July 20,2009 Homicide - 2875 NE 2 Ave
July 20,2009 Miami PAL Hopes to Send 14 Inner City Kids
July 13,2009 MPD Cleared by FDLE of Allegations Made by FOP