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Read Commendations For MPD Personnel From The Community
Detective Darlene Jenkins

Detective Jenkins, has been assisting me with a stolen car investigation that is involved with other parties. I was contracted by a local car dealership to Investigate this. The car was transported to Oklahoma and sold with a clear title where it was found. I have to let your Department know It has been a pleasure to work with her. Economic Crimes is fortunate to have a dedicated investigator, her dedication to this investigation is unbelievable.


Officer Roberto Soroa #27825

Officer Soroa was extremely professional, direct, and CARING. He took an interest in trying to help me the best way he could. He assured me of my rights, he tried his best to resolve the issue in a quick manner and made me feel like I was talking to a friend who cared about my situation. 

Miami needs more officers like him.



My brother was the young man who was stabbed in this crime. His case number is 230430-0030860. I wanted to personally thank the officer who saved his life and brought him to the hospital. If it weren't for this officer my brother would have been dead. Thank you so much for saving my young brothers life. I wish I had the officers name because I want to just give them the biggest hug. I only have one biological sibling and its him and the officer saved him. So thank you so so so much. I will always be grateful to this officer.


Officer Joevanny Herbello #40749

I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude for the help that City of Miami Officer Herbello provided my grandmother and I with on April 19, 2023 around 8:30 PM. His kindness and professionalism has left a lasting impression.

My grandmother has had an ongoing issue in her apartment that Officer Herbello was previously called to months ago. Both times, she has asked the officers to call me and keep me updated and assist as needed. Although months apart, Officer Herbello quickly recalled who I was and actually reminded me of our previous conversation regarding the matter. This time he was able to come to a complete resolution, which helped her calm down tremendously. In both interactions, he was confident yet approachable and always reassuring. He was able to relate to her and meet her at her level to diffuse the situation. His explanations are thorough and his attention to detail cannot be understated.

This is positive community engagement in its best form. His dedication to the community is evident. We are grateful for officers like him!

Thank you Officer Herbello!


Officer Carlos M. Deschamps #01478 and Officer Andres A. Devarona #46074

I wish to commend both officers who responded to my call regarding my stolen vehicle.  Both officers displayed the highest level of professionalism, effort, and care in investigating the situation.  I appreciate their police work in seeing the situation through to the end.



We have attended Ultra for the last 3 years.  Appreciate the PD presence on the event as well as the streets. Felt safe and could relax and have fun at Ultra.


Officer Vamarsha Ellington # 43595

My family and I attended an Active Shooter Training presented by the Shield of Miami- Dade Police Department, located at Little River Branch Library on March 16, 2023. The officer presenting was Officer Ellington. She was an amazing presenter.
Although the officer had a PowerPoint, she did not read verbatim from the slides.  She used the slides as a visual aide for the audience and as a guide for the presentation.  Not to mention, she kept everyone engaged by asking questions to the audience and pausing periodically through each slide. This was very refreshing because she gave additional information not listed on the slides and this also kept audience engaged. Officer Ellington had a very strong knowledge of the topic, active shooters.
Additionally, her communication skills during presentation were unmatched by most presenters.  Her body language and eye contact were very effective. Officer Ellington’s pronunciation was expressive and clear.
Furthermore, Officer Ellington was able to answer questions effectively and in detail.
I hope that this presentation could be presented at other locations.  Partnering with other departments, not just in Miami but in Broward and Palm Beach.  This is a necessary presentation for the public. Sometimes in these situations with active shooters, the public does not know the first step to take.  This Officer broke it down as simply as situational awareness.  Being aware of exits and surroundings is a start. She then went into additional steps: Run (if possible), Hide (if possible), Take Actions Against the active shooter (if possible).  Every situation is different but at least we, the public, have these three areas as a basis.  Phenomenal job.  The 45-minute drive from Broward County was worth it!

  Thank you so much!

-C.C., J. D., M. S.

Det. Jayson Washington

Detective Washington was empathetic, thorough, and compassionate to my family during a tragic loss.  He provided personal and professional guidance and went out of his way to follow up and to deliver items and go out of his way.  I recommend this Detective for setting an example of how to interact with humanity about personal loss and highlighting the great work the Miami police are doing in the community. 
Thank you



My neighbor and I were walking our dogs in the park and saw three police officers work to rescue a man in distress in the river. That river is one of the most polluted waterways in America so I was thankful they were there and willing to jump in to help the man. I saw in the news that only one of the officers was being recognized, but I can attest that it was a group effort (plus the guy on the Kiki boat). I am grateful for these officers and civilians assisting for this man. And just on a personal note, I am not often presented with images or narratives of police officers that are flattering. Witnessing these police officers valiantly perform their duties as I casually went about my daily routine truly altered my perception of the city’s force for the better.


Sgt. Lizlinda Bremer

She is one the masterminds to this event which brings together the Police, first responders and the community together the power of music. Everyone gets to come together and enjoy an unbelievable event and was able to meet first responders in uniform from cities all over this beautiful country. It shows everyone that even the police are human beings and as a community we should support our police and protect them in any way we can.  God bless Sgt Lizlinda Bremer and all her team.


Ofc.  David Lozandier, #45836

The officer was very courteous and kind. I felt that he was seriously concerned about my wellbeing. He was very thorough with his investigation. He stayed at my house until CSI had finished. I am happy that the City of Miami has officers like him.


PSA Tatayana Powell, #29243

Officer Powell responded to my request to have an officer come by to take some information after I received a response from the MPD regarding an online report I filed and was told I could not file online as there was a known suspect.
The reason I would like to commend Officer Powell is the way she conducted herself and easily walked me through the process. This was the 1st time I have ever interacted directly with the police regarding a crime, so I was not sure what to expect, plus being ill just makes it a bit more stressful. First, I would like to commend the MPD for the quick response time to a non-emergency. I had no idea an officer would show up the same day, in less than 20 mins, and after 7pm at that!! So, thank you very much.
Officer Powell was very polite and a pleasure to speak with. She asked very relevant questions and waited patiently for my answers since my illness does make me get out of breath at times. Lastly, I use a walker and throughout the entire time from going downstairs to the lobby to let Officer Powell in, she held the elevator and was just very mindful of my disability the entire time.


Officer Tiffany Roberts, Badge 41636

I was dealing with a situation where my wife had absconded with my son to another state. And officer Roberts used her personal story to ease my concerns even though she legally could take no course of action on my behalf. She referred me to the family court help division, and I was able to leave with some optimism.  Thanks Officer Roberts! It was the evening shift almost midnight.


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