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Read Commendations For MPD Personnel From The Community
Ofc Carlos Nolasco

To whom it may concern;
This is the first time I ever do this but I really believe that Officer Nolasco deserves it 100%. Yesterday I attended a 15’s at the above location along with some family members and my very active 2.5 years old son. After two hours wearing heels my feet could not take it anymore and I went outside to get the keys from the valet and be able to change shoes. My son was with me because he did not want to go with anyone else. Even though he was next to me by the time I had the keys he started running the parking lot. Soon enough I panicked and started chasing him thru the parking lot on heels. Officer Nolasco was at the receiving end and was able to safety hold him until I arrived. His kindness did not stop there. He offered to watch him a few minutes while I went to my car and change shoes. He also took pictures with my son and made him feel special and care for.
Beyond grateful for his kindness and help. I’m a single mom and sometimes it’s not an easy job. I hope this email or form reaches into the right hands and Officer Nolasco gets recognize for his amazing job.


Ofc. Nestor H. Suarez

While visiting from Tampa with my 17 year old son who wants to be a police officer, we spoke with Officer Suarez . Officer Suarez enthusiastically and professionally spoke with my son about his experience with Miami PD and eventually getting hired after college. Miami PD is a better department for having Officers like Suarez. Hopefully, they’ll work together one day !!


Ofc. Michael Rodriguez

I want to comment on my appreciation of Officer Rodriguez Badge 43475. He arrived quickly upon my call to handle a theft. He was very calm and level headed when directing me how to fill out the paperwork, when I was under strain after what had happened. He even called me back to follow through with any extra information to file my report. Thank you so much Officer Rodriguez for your assistance!


Det Adrian Gonzalez & Officer Javier Pico

Officer Pico and Officer Adrian Gonzalez are always very responsive when I send them a Watch Order on our home. I met them when there was an attempted break into my home on 7-31-2021. Both where in constant contact with me and some neighbors to ensure the perpetrators would not strike again. They even reached out to me last week to ask if a man in a van was supposed to be at my home, knowing I was not home. It was a new handyman in our company van that they did not recognize. To me, that is above and beyond expectations! It feels great to know they are just a call away. Thank you both so much.


Ofc Charles Chester

On January 9th, 2022 Officer Chester was working an overtime assignment in the Brickell area. My wife was having a very difficult time getting to her VRBO, which was nearby. She came in contact with Ofc. Chester who was able to assist her get to, and in her room. Officer Chester went above what was necessary and showed great professionalism and compassion. I am a recently retired police officer and am very appreciative of Officer Chester's help with keeping my wife safe.


Officer Eddy Dede

On 12/17/21 Ofc. Dede conducted a routine traffic stop. During the stop he identified and arrested a fugitive named Rick Joseph. Our Agency, working with the Statewide Prosecutor, issued a warrant for Mr. Joseph's arrest 13 months ago. The charges included money laundering, insurance fraud, and identity theft. He was also wanted for VOP. He evaded arrest for 13 months prior to Ofc. Dede "looking beyond the traffic stop". DFS, and the victims in the case, want to thank Ofc. Dede for his efforts. I have no doubt by effecting the arrest he prevented other identity thefts from being committed. Thank you and stay safe.

-Lt. M.S.

Officer Javier Mesa

A neighbor hit my car while parked at my apartment complex and fled the scene. Officer Mesa came and helped me out with the report, talked me through every step of the process and answered all my questions. He also said he would follow up and come back the next day to talk to the person and he did. I was nervous about this whole process and having to fix my car. Officer Mesa being so responsive when I called the station, earlier today, and assuring me that he would pass by and that everything would be fine really helped keep me calm through this situation.


Officer Jim Bravo

I would like to commend officer Bravo for his attentive skills. We left our gate slightly ajar. Officer Bravo not only had the attention to notice it, but he came knocking to our door making sure everything was in order. This made us feel truly protected by his attention and our Police Department generally speaking. Thank you, officer Bravo, for taking care of our neighborhood with such care.


PSA Kemilyn Alexander

PSA Alexander provided excellent service she went above and beyond to help my cause and solved my problem I’m thankful and wanted to how my gratitude. once again thank you


Officer Martha Alas

I walked up to City Hall on the way back from a walk in Coconut Grove to try and file a complaint about a disturbing confrontation I had with a City of Miami contracted employee working on walkway paving at Kennedy Park. Officer Alas happened to be at the front door and immediately offered to help me out and attempt to direct me to the correct department. I know my issue may seem frivolous in comparison to the real problems police officers deal with on a daily basis... but you would not have known it by the understanding, engaged manner in which Officer Alas spoke to me. I rarely have occasion to interact with police officers, but today's interaction with Officer Alas made me truly feel like she cared about the community and myself as a member of it. Kudos to Officer Alas for her professional yet caring demeanor. It's the little things that sometimes show the true character of a person, officer, and therefore the force. Thank you Officer Alas!


Officer Jihovanna Mayorga-Garcia

On July 3, 8, and 11th, Officer Mayorga-Garcia, on her own time, unpaid time, supported the first responders by providing them peer support, together with her K-9. At a meeting last night, where the peer support team was made up of Miami-Dade County volunteers, it was fulfilling to know that an officer from our city contributed her time selflessly as well. I've attached a pic of MDFR, and Officer Mayorga-Garcia is on the right-hand side with her dog Freckles.


Chief Art Acevedo

I watched the Chief on 'meet the press' and was impressed by his position on current affairs as they pertain to law and order and gun control. Keep up the good work.


Chief Art Acevedo

Your interview was what the American people need to hear! Get the criminals off the streets of America. Your response to John Dickerson's questions show you are a leader who can make change happen. Common sense as you say is absent in Texas. Their gun law is reckless and will cost lives. I would never openly carry in public putting the Blue at risk. Common Sense!


Chief Art Acevedo

School violence is the focus of our education and research. We have followed your effort with the EAGLES Act with full support.


Ofc. Maykel Baluja

Officer Baluja took his time to listen, wrote the reports down and give us advice. He was polite and educated at all times. Happy to have had him be the ones taking care of us, including myself. My car was also vandalized. Thank you officer. You are the best!


Ofc. Khadijha Hardemon

In this current climate of police relations, it was refreshing to experience interaction with an officer that was professional, respectful and patient. First; Officer Hardeman (Little Haiti District) had to wait for me to gain access to the security camera system for footage of a reported auto break in and theft. Upon arrival, I informed Officer Hardeman our security system was brand new and even I hadn’t been trained on its use. Her response and attitude of understanding was appreciated. She continued to show patience even though I was no help with passwords to get into the system. We were ultimately able to access the system so officers could see in real time what occurred. I’d also like to commend Officer Hardeman’s fellow officer for exhibiting the same qualities. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his name before they departed.


Officers Pierre Jean Gilles and Finlay Duclos

I am the Program Director for the Residential Reentry Center located on NW 59th Street. As part of our requirements, I have to send yearly a letter in regards to the Prison Rape Elimination ACT. I have never really received a response. These two officers took the time to stop by and introduce themselves. I really appreciated this since this is a wonderful contact to have within the community. They advised me that if I needed any further information to contact them. I will be contacting them in the future to hopefully attend our Quarterly Community Relations Board Meetings which identifies useful resources to our residents.


Officer Luis Loureiro

Hello, my name is J.M. and I am a Sergeant with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office in Greensboro N.C. On Sunday (5/2/2021) officers from your department responded to a Death Investigation at my father's residence, where my father was the unexpected victim. Due to me living out of state, I could not respond to the residence at that time. I spoke to an Officer Loureiro on the phone and he was very polite and patient with me on the phone. I have not lived in Miami in many years and I did not know the resources in the area I needed to contact. Officer Loureiro assisted me with the necessary information to make the important phone calls.

I should also mention there were several co-workers of my father's who came to the scene and all of them have had nothing but good things to say about how your officers and EMS and how you all handled the call for service. My family and I can't say thank you enough for your departments help and their compassion.

Thank you again.


Romily Navarro

As a background investigator with weekly requests of arrest/police records, Ms. Navarro is always professional, courteous and quickly responds to all my requests. The Miami Police Department is fortunate to have her on their team and she should be commended for all she does.