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Major Dennis Jackson II
Major Dennis Jackson II
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• The Little Haiti Neighborhood Resource Officers (NROs) participated in a hurricane relief effort for the people of Haiti following the devastation of four consecutive hurricanes over the island. The two NROs reached out to business owners and good Samaritans in the North District and received contributions for the cause. Over 50,000 pounds of food and goods were shipped and distributed to the people of Haiti.

• In October, a Park and Walk operation was implemented in Upper Eastside especially along Biscayne Boulevard, due to an increase in criminal activities within the area. Positive results were obvious and immediate. Following the implementation, the number of robberies was significantly reduced from an average of 12 to 7 robberies a month, with November showing the greatest reduction with only 3 robberies recorded.

• Through several sources, officers were made aware of outside drug groups attempting to set up business in Liberty Square. There were several cars identified as involved in criminal activity, registered in Opa- Locka, Miami Gardens and to various car rental agencies. Officers worked with the site manager and this resulted in the towing of cars that were used to hide and distribute narcotics. The detail resulted in 20 vehicles towed, 32 ticketed and 11 arrests.