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Professional Compliance Section
Major Mike Gonzalez
Major Mike Gonzalez
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Professional Compliance Section

The newly created Professional Compliance Section (PCS) includes the Accreditation Unit (CALEA) and the Inspections Unit as well as the Policy Compliance Unit and the Policy Development Detail, which are new Department organization elements. Bringing these elements together was done for the purpose of practical operations as well as to increase the Department’s effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. The Section reports directly to the Chief of Police.

The Section ensures compliance with national accreditation standards, oversees Departmental policies and procedures and evaluates the quality of the Department's operations. In addition to these functions, the Chief of Police designated the Section to create the High Liability Incident Review Board (HLB). The Board was created to review significant high liability incidents such as use of non-deadly force, vehicle pursuits, perimeters and SWAT missions. It is designed to help the Department assess both the positive and negative aspects of these incidents.

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