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Major Jose A.Perez
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Law Enforcement training at the Miami Police Department has a long and distinguished history. From 1896, when the City of Miami was incorporated, to 1921, the law enforcement personnel received “on the job” training. It was in 1921 when Miami’s police officers were first required to pass a written test and a physical qualification requirement. In the late 1920’s, the Miami Police Department established its first training school with 20 policemen. These officers received training in first aid, criminal and courtroom procedures, use of firearms and other law enforcement procedures. Written tests were administered for civil service employment and promotions.

In 1945, Chief Walter Headley created the Miami Police Academy. Recruit Class #1 was the first police academy in Florida to establish college credit for law enforcement training. The class ran for approximately 6 weeks and included 198 hours of training. The Miami Police Academy averaged 3 classes annually, usually with 9 recruits per class. The last Miami Police Academy class was Recruit Class #82, which graduated in 1973 after 960 hours of training.

In the early 1970’s, the Miami Dade College, North Campus (MDC-N) established the Southeast Institute of Criminal Justice open to law enforcement agencies for basic law enforcement training for recruits. The Miami Police Department enrolled its recruits in the Basic Law Enforcement (BLE) Class #1 from that time until 2009.

With the MDC-N training the City of Miami police recruits, the Miami Police Academy was transformed to the Miami Police Training Center and received certification as a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Commission-approved training center.

The Miami Police Training Center which also encompasses the state of the art Miami Police College, and although approved to conduct recruit training, is a career development/specialized and advanced training facility focused on training certified police officers and criminal justice professionals in the Miami-Dade County and Monroe County area.

The Training Center is comprised of several individual Details, each focused on unique aspects of the training environment.  The Coordinator Detail is responsible for coordinating all of the Center’s training courses, conducting liaison with external training facilities and agencies, coordinating internships with colleges and universities, as well as interfacing with colleges and universities concerning continuing education for Department personnel. The annual firearms qualifications and other periodic in-service training are managed by the Firearms Detail, and the Officer Survival Detail. The Police Academy Detail provides Training Advisors to supervise Basic Law Enforcement classes at the Miami Dade Community College facility.
In addition to providing in-service training for sworn law enforcement personnel, the Training Center provides specialized training for civilians assigned to the Department as well as the City of Miami government agencies. This training effort addresses the various position-related requirements, mandatory training, and other required training established by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

Over the years, the Miami Police Department has developed a reputation for expertise in police technology.  Law enforcement agencies worldwide have sent their police officers to be trained by the Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team, the Canine Detail, Bicycle Detail and other specialized units. In 1998, the Miami Police Department was among the law enforcement agencies in the nation selected to receive a federal grant to conduct Community Policing training.

The Miami Police Training Center continues to strive to provide high quality in-service training to all Department personnel as well as law enforcement officers in the South Florida area. There are several major initiatives to further enhance the training experience at the Miami Police Training Center. Among these initiatives are: (1)  the publication of several training guides and curriculums, (2) computerizing and updating the training files, (3) the development and implementation of training videos addressing survival techniques for patrol officers, and, (4) the establishment of a computer lab. The Training Center is proactive in researching new, emerging programs and modern equipment to create new and innovative courses. The future includes the construction of new training facility that will house a “state of the art” firing range, shoot house and an officer survival city.

As we enter the new millennium, the Miami Police Training Center continues the pursuit of excellence with cutting edge education for our officers, as well as providing enhanced training opportunities for law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally.

The Training & Personnel Development Section, under the directorship of Major Ian A. Moffett, is a full-service training center meeting the training requirements of the Miami Police Department’s 1,100+ sworn officers for their in-service, annual firearms qualifications, Region XIV courses, and specialized training. During the 2012 calendar year, the significant accomplishments are listed as follows:
  • Firearms Training DetailRecipient of Unit Citation Award for outstanding services rendered by Chief of Police in February 2012;
  • Recognized as “A Center of Excellence” by The Performance Institute, an affiliate of The Pacific Institute, on February 7, 2012;
  • Hosted a Global Law Enforcement Leadership Summit Latin American Delegation in collaboration with The Performance Institute on June 28 – 29, 2012;
  • Hosted the 43rd Annual School Security Conference of the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials, July 8 – 11, 2012;
  • Director conducted on-site training needs assessment in September 2012, at the request of the US Embassy of the Guyana Police Force in Georgetown, Guyana;
  • Implemented Taser® Axon flex camera training, in-service and academy, to have the ability to review incident and more accurately compile police report;
  • Partnered with Our Safe Kids and the Department of Children and Families to conduct 3 Case Manager and Protective Investigator training;
  • Miami Police College Indoor Range is fully operational for firearms certification, HR 218, and rental;
  • Mounted permanent display of 11 Police Academy Class flags (military guidons);
  • Updated 2012/2013 Veterans Affairs school catalog for continued GI Bill eligibility;
  • Attended 2 Career Resource events for military personnel to market our training academy;
  • Conducted 1 community awareness class for 360 employees of the US State Attorney’s Office;
  • Conducted Use of Force and training (in-service and academy) overview to Civilian Investigative Panel;
  • Conducted 21 mandatory Traffic And Criminal Software (TRACS) class for 266 officers;
  • Conducted 2 Executive Command Staff Retreats;
  • Conducted 5 Investment in Excellence for Retirees class;
  • Conducted 5 Independent Police Academy Classes (PAC), which included a Part-time class, with 84 graduates out of 224 applicants;
  • Conducted 98 classes for1,831 officers for School of Professional Development Training;
  • Collected over $592,676 in revenue from Police Academy Class (Physical Agility test, Fingerprinting, Tuition), International Policing Institute (internship, dormitory rooms), HR218, Classroom/Auditorium rental, Range Rental, and Department of Children and Families;
  • Our training center has one of the highest passing rate of 90% of the State Officer Certification Exam;
  • Hosted international law enforcement professionals from Republic of Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Korea through the Miami Police College International Policing Institute;
  • Conducted 18 classes for 378 officers for Region XIV and Career Development Service training with $88,241.48 reimbursable funds;
  • Conducted 27 classes for 767 officers complete mandatory FDLE requirements;
  • Conducted 18 Firearms Qualifications classes for 973 officers;
  • Hosted 8 students for 14-week student internship;
  • Conducted site visits, tours, and informational sessions for 114 visitors;
  • Coordinated continuing education and degree classes with Barry University and Union Institute & University to assist police employees achieve their educational goals;
  • Awaiting approval to become a certified Testing Center by Florida Department of Law Enforcement to administer Florida Basic Abilities Test & Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test;
  • Maintain Facebook® link to the training center website;
  • Linked to YouTube® to showcase training center to potential students of the Miami Police Academy;
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Immigration and Custom Enforcement for use of their outdoor range and tactical shoot house.

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