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Major Richard Perez
Major Jose Rodriguez
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Special Events Unit
Special Threat Response Unit
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Canine Unit

Under the command of Major Richard Perez, the Specialized Operations Section is an element of the Field Operations Division.

The Specialized Operations Section's mission is to provide the Department with a wide range of law enforcement specialists to augment the uniformed patrol elements and the investigators. Details within the Section focus on a variety of law enforcement disciplines.

The Special Threat Response Unit includes the personnel that make up the Special Weapons and Tactics Detail, which respond to situations that are beyond the capabilities and training of the conventional patrol officers. Officers assigned to the Marine Patrol Detail, the Canine Patrol Detail and the Mounted Patrol Detail provide their unique skills in support of the unusual situations that confront the patrol personnel.

The Traffic Unit staff manages all aspects of the traffic-related incidents in the city. The Crime Suppression Unit officers bring their special skill and training to combating the variety of street crime that impacts on the quality of life in the community, including narcotics, assaults and strong arm robberies.

The Special Events Unit manages the assignment of additional law enforcement support to the myriad of activities that take place in our city.